Chris Lee

Chief Financial Officer


About Chris

Chris Lee is an undergraduate at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, concentrating in Business Law and Finance. He currently works as a legal intern at Apex West Legal Group while also being a member of the Boston University Mock Trial team. At Gravity Platforms, he leads the Market Operations and Development team, involving both financial management and legal advising. In addition to his work, Chris loves romantic era classical music and golf.

Why is Gravity's mission important to you?

"When I was in 6th grade, I developed a severe addiction to social media. I would spend almost all of my time going through Instagram and TikTok, resulting in the loss of precious relationships and productivity. I grew more and more distant from my family and friends while losing the motivation to do any meaningful work, and it took me three years to realize that I was not where I wanted to be at all. 

Although I was able to eventually escape this endless loop, I still witness far too many individuals who are dealing with a similar situation. When I visited South Korea, not one individual on the street was looking in the direction they were walking, endlessly scrolling through their feed on TikTok, Instagram, or even platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. The rise of social media has introduced a new set of problems, and I strongly believe that Gravity Platforms will fundamentally address this societal issue."