Jaewon Lee

Chief Technical Officer


About Jaewon

Jaewon is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a B.A. in Operations Research and Management Science. Having grown up in Silicon Valley, Jaewon has experience in and is passionate about the intersection between technology and the startup space. His technical expertise revolves around NLP, CV, cloud computing, and infra, and he also leads the development of the novel AI recommender system. In his spare time, Jaewon enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and watching K-dramas.

Why is Gravity's mission important to you?

"Gravity's mission is important for me because it addresses the pressing issues of modern social media. Established platforms are often reluctant to tackle problems such as negative content spirals, addiction, and echo chambers due to financial incentives. This comes at the expense of their users. Having experienced the detrimental effects of doomscrolling, I truly believe that Gravity provides a solution to these issues by empowering users with a user-friendly interface for meaningful feedback, reducing creator burnout, and returning agency to users. By prioritizing user well-being and content quality over profit-driven algorithms, Gravity Platforms aims to create a healthier digital ecosystem, which resonates deeply with me."