Jolene Huey

Chief Operations Officer


About Jolene

Jolene Huey is passionate about bringing accessibility to technology, related to her field of study in EECS and Business Administration at UC Berkeley as part of the M.E.T. program. She has organized and led various tech projects relating to data science and cloud infrastructure (data science consultant at AI clinical documentation company, machine learning + cloud services intern at healthcare ultrasound company, logistics director at healthcare hackathon). At Gravity Platforms, she specializes in these areas, in addition to backend software and her work as COO. Jolene enjoys rock climbing and listening to music.

Why is Gravity’s mission important to you?

"Gravity’s mission is significant to me due to our team’s ability to address one of the most pervasive problems in society. Our team’s diverse perspectives on the social entertainment landscape keeps me engaged and gives me the determination to develop a better solution for society. I am also inspired by our innovative solutions, which incorporate research on human health and behavioral science, aligning with my interest in using technology to improve human well-being."