Annelise Eileraas-Liu

Market Operations


About Annelise

Annelise is a journalist investigating pressing issues and innovating dynamic solutions. She is a WNYC Radio Rookies fellow, reporting on mental health and the community it requires us to keep. In her sophomore year at Barnard College, she is dedicated to expanding the bounds of English and Political Science while founding the new student newspaper to revolutionize media accountability and access. Dance, hiking, yoga, running, and the pursuit of art keep her moving mindfully through everything.

Why did you join Gravity?

"I joined Gravity by the very sort of hand I want to lend others through my work here—that of a caring friend convinced that together we are stronger. My younger sister who wrestled with depression, self-harm, and suicide until age 14 rendered crucial to me both the uplifting creative powers and the destructive perils of social media, and by working alongside my passionate team members at Gravity, I found the shared determination to do something to directly change this increasingly digitized, fragmented landscape to a community sensitive to personal goals and supportive of mental health and intergenerational communication. Despite being an avid social media critic (which is well welcome and encouraged here) my time here has taught me to hold our mission and values close to keep accountable and to never stop having challenging, entertaining, and deeply inspiring conversations—even if through careful taps on a smartphone screen."