Gabriel Gomes



About Gabriel

Gabriel, or Gabe as his friends like to call him, is a student at the University of California, Berkeley who is studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. A big fan of trying out new dishes and working out, Gabriel can often be found cooking in his apartment's kitchen or exercising at the gym when he is not getting inundated by the work from his classes! In addition, he is an avid Star Wars nerd and loves the music artist, the Weeknd!

Why did you join Gravity?

"Whenever I go to any public place, I see the majority of other people glued to their phones and swiping their fingers across the screen. Observing this apparent addiction, I wanted to join a company that would focus on trying to combat it as well as explore the other mental health issues that occur with this app. Joining Gravity has been extraordinarily generous in providing me the opportunity to understand and play a role in combatting social media addiction."