Early-Access Testing

At Gravity Platforms Inc., we are creating a better social media/entertainment alternative that treats you like a person rather than a product. We want to make our app the best it can possibly be, so we’re building a diverse community of Early-Access Testers to help us improve our work. Participants will provide feedback on iterations of our innovative features and share meaningful insights on their social media experiences, receive first access to our Beta, and exclusive profile verification status at launch.

We want to be as honest and transparent as possible about what your role would entail, so we've provided details on the subsequent pages of this website. Feel free to send any further questions you have to testing@gravityplatforms.com


We respect your time, so we structured our testing to be as efficient as possible so that you can fit us into your busy schedule.

  1. Complete one Google Form per week

    • Provide feedback on the week's feature test by answering questions, dominantly multiple choice or selection-based.

    • A FocusGroupIt will be linked at the end of the Google Form, where Testers will post a short answer to a given question about the week's feature test:

      • Testers will be able to read each other's responses.

      • Testers will be encouraged to interact with each other's responses.

    • Some weeks may not have a feature test, in which case Testers will be notified accordingly.

  2. Read our Messages

    • We will send a limited number of messages to Testers en masse on a regular basis.

      • We minimize the amount of communication we send as a courtesy to our Testers and hope that -- in return -- the messages we do send will be read.


We don't want to spam you, so we set clear expectations about the frequency of our messages.

  • Contact Methods

    • Mass messages to Testers will be sent via text (Textiful) and email (SendGrid).

      • Onboarding information and weekly information will be sent via email.

      • Each week's Google Form + Instructions will be sent via text.

        • Up to one additional text will be sent each week in order to communicate minor updates, if necessary.

    • Direct messages to individual Testers will be rare and only be sent if necessary. That being said, Testers will be able to contact us at any time with questions or any other inquiries.


We'll help you get set up before you begin, and we'll always be available if you have questions along the way.

  • Personal Device Setup

    • Early-Access Testers will download an app on their personal devices. Through this app, they will be able to access the latest feature test; the app will update automatically when an update is available.

    • Your privacy will be secure: The app is managed by a reputable third-party organization, and our feature test runs and updates within it-- we won't be able to access any information outside the app.

  • Confidentiality Agreement

    • Our ideas are innovative, and along with that comes a risk of having them stolen.

    • You will be asked to sign an agreement -- it will be straightforward, and won't ask anything of you that isn't strictly necessary to preserve our intellectual property.

    • We believe in transparency -- so if you'd like us to clarify any aspect of the agreement or its implications, we'd be happy to do so.

Many of our team members have already invested our own money and volunteered hundreds of hours of labor towards reaching this point. We believe strongly in the potential of this company and our ability to succeed, and we hope you'll submit an application to become a part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the time commitment for Early-Access Testers?

A: It will vary, but each week's Google Form and FocusGroupIt should comfortably take less than 20 minutes in total.

Q: Can anyone be an Early-Access Tester? Do I need any specific qualifications?

A: Yes! Anyone interested in the position is more than welcome to apply; we want feedback from a diverse range of individuals, so everyone's perspective is appreciated. No specific technical skill is necessary to be an effective Early-Access Tester, we would love to work with anyone willing and able to consistently commit the short amount of time necessary to fulfill the role's responsibilities.

Q: Will Early-Access Testers be compensated?

A: At this stage, Testers will be offered first access to our Beta, exclusive profile verification status at launch, and early username reservation. We want to offer financial compensation to Testers, and intend to once we secure more funding-- when that time comes, Testers who join the team first will be prioritized.

Q: This company and its mission interest me, are there other ways I could get involved?

A: We're always on the lookout for individuals who could further expand the potential of our ever-growing team. If you'd like to join us in a specific capacity, send an email to apply@gravityplatforms.com